Google, Conservatives, and the fatal conceit

Today I read how some high level Google Exec sent an internal email around explaining to the snowflakes at Google why their company sponsored CPAC (the annual conservative political gathering that is known as a pretty free form affair..after all it wasn’t too long ago that Ron Paul won the Presidential Straw Poll each year and Dick Cheney was booed).

The executive said it was to minimize any perception that google was anti-conservative after all they have Republicans as customers and elected Republicans could cause the company trouble. He also said Google could help move conservatives by funding them to a better one that supports Google’s interests. Ok so far not really that much different than most firms lobbying politicians. But then he talked about Googles purpose of inclusion…and their own belief system. Frankly it scared the hell out of me because it didn’t read like a company whose values are making a profit (at the very least to keep their employees employed) in a honest and law-abiding way but an ideology which at best is not clear and could have very damaging impact to our natural rights.

It reminded me of the recent banning of someone on PayPal and the CEO (I won’t go too far here but to some degree a stereotype liberal from NYC) said PayPal exists for inclusion and diversity. Not honesty and integrity? Not to make a profit legally? Not to provide a return to the shareholders or a job to the employees? No it was “to change the world” in their own slightly marxist warped view point.

And it hit me..these “social media” and silicon valley tech firms don’t actually view themselves as companies..private enterprises which operate with the liberty and freedom of our Bill of Rights but something much much different. They view themselves as nation states in their own right. A political ideology (cultural marxism and a belief in equal results under their terms) that is above the United that is more “pure” and “egalitarian” and will right all ancient wrongs. A true “globalist” entity. They ban anyone they believe questions their belief system or in their mind attacks protected groups…and they are very selective on deciding the “victims” who are given preferential treatment and the “oppressors” who they will silence. Even the poor kid who worked at Google who pointed out that genders are different got fired (the fact that he was an Italian American was a plus I’m sure as that is one group that the silicon valley crowd has disdain for). These firms have forgotten they are simply businesses not nation states.

I worked for Xerox over 15 years ago and they prided themselves as the “diversity” company. They also talked in high aspirational language how they were going to change the world, their values were more akin to the French revolution than the American one and so on…they took their eye off the ball (making a profit) and fought among themselves…and today Xerox is a marginal company barely surviving. No more talk about changing the world.

Well Mr. Google, life has a way of coming back at you…I guess you Bay Area types would call it Karma but your not changing the world..your just an ad platform. Anything else you believe in is a fatal conceit. My advice to avoid the Xerox collapse? Get rid of all the ivy league sociology majors the Hedge Fund boys brought in…hire a bunch of Italian, Irish, German-Americans…make Google look like America..and that includes based on religion and political belief as well. If you want a cultural war you won’t win….believe me no company has defeated America and neither will you.