Captain Marvel and the hypocrisy of identity politics

I’ll admit I have zero interest in the Captain Marvel movie. It isn’t because I think Brie Larson is a bad actress and a poor choice for the movie (well she is) but honestly I don’t much care about this character. I was a Marvel kid in the 70’s and can’t remember for the life of me who this character was. Now the Marvel Movie world has decided this character will be the savior of all the other supers who were deeply interesting characters. Oh well…Disney can do what they want. It didn’t help Ms. Larson decided to play the dog whistle “white male” card and start pontificating that this character was to be “inclusive” and not for “white males.” Besides being stupid given the market segment for these movies…it speaks volumes about the new narrative in society.

Rotten Tomatoes movie site just changed the ability for viewers to click if they intend to see this movie. According to NBC it was because “trolls” were overwhelming the site (read those white males who didn’t like the choice of the actress, her politics which singled them out as not welcome in the genre they are the target market and most loyal fans. For what? To pontificate as all SJW do..with the bigotry of cultural marxism. And what does this say about Disney (the owners of Marvel Studios) to pressure RT to change their site..and I”m sure engaging with the media to create a narrative of “evil white men.”

So Disney and Ms. Larson attack a segment of the audience (and really the largest segment by far) and the segment says they won’t see the movie and they are called “trolls?” Sorry NBC but fake news.

Now imagine a movie called “the myth of the college rape culture” produced. Now imagine the uproar and the SJW’s defending on RT and saying they won’t watch the movie. Would they be called “Trolls?” Would RT drop this feature?

Funny thing..evey girlfriend and even my wife always said the same thing when I mentioned I read comic books as a kid (it turned me on to reading)..they all said they like comic books somewhat and their favorites were Archie and ones about socialization not Super Heros and Heroic Tales.

And what is wrong with that? Why can’t the SJW/Cultural Marxists just allow the free market to work. Why do they have to force the “results” that make them feel better and “prove” people and gender are irrelevant.

Oh and by the way Captain Marvel is an idiotic superhero. Black Widow is much more interesting and SJ is an actual actress not a narcissist with daddy issues.