Public Sector States and the GOP-time for hard choices and a pro liberty party

As a central NY’er the reality of the destruction of the GOP in NY is obvious.  The recent vote shredded the state wide GOP at state and even local levels.  Same for Illinois. Taking rural countries out, even suburban counties are now gone or about gone.  As a youngster the suburban upstate and Long Island counties along with rural countries were bastions of the extinct species called “Country Club/Lawyer” Republican Politician.  Never very conservative and socially moderate to liberal, this species were known more for offering more “moderate” spending and regulatory schemes of the downstate Democrats.  Their primary concern was ensuring income tax rates weren’t raised too high and deductions not eliminated.  Besides that they campaigned for as much state revenue for their districts as they could.  They were and are open to cronyism..especially in real estate and farming.

But over time the national GOP with it’s focus on social conservatism and label as the “racist” party by the media/dems have soured pretty much everyone except for rural areas in NY.  And to be honest the “country club GOP” always hated the rural areas..but hey if you want to run for a state office in a social and economic conservative area you have to at least give lip service.

A recent Chicago Tribune article pleaded with the State GOP to not “double down” and become more conservative as the state needs a functioning second policy party to “slow” down the path to hell by the democrats..or so it kind of suggested.

Well offering a water downed version of someone else who the voters like better doesn’t sound much to me like a way forward to regaining some influence in Springfield or Albany.

The problem is when a majority of a state works directly, indirectly, or depends on the State, any argument for limited govt is toast (unless a new strategy is taken up).  In NY the public sector unions and “non profits” run the show period. And the Dems have run not so much on economic disparity but identity politics.  Demonizing certain segments of the public (in NY its the Euro-Americans who are Christian).  Italians, Greeks, Irish, German, hell even Syrians and Turks are marginalized by the media and the govt/non-profit complex.  And as less and less folks work in the private sector the unholy duel power of the govt class and identity class, it comes down to the raw power of “groups” and those that believe in liberty and small govt are the boogyman.  As are anyone who still believes in traditional social contracts.

So where to from here?  Well the one advantage in the end is states don’t have a printing press.  The end game for Illinois or NY is a debt crisis.  Even with a very liberal Federal Govt, there simply is not going to be other words the unholy alliance that rules NY with an iron fist will disintegrate fighting for their own self interest as interest payments and pension payments explode the budget.  Teachers versus Govt retires versus the “equal results” crowd.  It will be interesting and opens the door to a fundamental change….the GOP doesn’t need to become more “moderate” but brutally focused on economic liberty.  This focus can break up the “interest groups” as they fight against each other.  The old “divide and conquer” is a viable strategy.  Teacher unions versus “equal results” types.  Greens versus Govt sponsored “enterprises”, Target the govt class using identity politics, focus on the economic realities of all the govt programs/debt and how it hurts any spouse of a public sector elite who lost their job in the private sector.  Target women with sons…who face discrimination because of their race/ethnicity by the identity politics types and so on.  A message of pure liberty….no state debt, a move back to charity and not state welfare, a decentralization of education…let each school district keep their money and hence every community can decide how to reward the teachers.  Fight for “quotas” based on economic not race or on ethnicity (‘time for an Italian American quota at Cornell and state offices…that would throw a wrench to the group right types).

Campaign on a message for economic liberty.  NY like Illinois is a crony state where “Progressives” become millionaires due to how well connected they are. Expose these sons of bitches…from the revolving door of Wall Street/Non-Profits/Govt. Eventually the corruption of the state will lead to a financial nightmare…and that is the salient point to attack…and exploit.

Life, liberty, and property is the message with an active war on exposing cronyism by special interest. Show how the “liberals in charge” are the true racist…and anti natural rights…divide and concur…divide and concur…and never give in …the creeping cultural marxism can be destroyed by exploiting the self interest of all people including the govt class.


Never give in…we can take the communists down…