It takes a village so hand over your money but don’t expect ours

It takes a Village is the go to statist response to anyone who questions the modern welfare state.  Complain about say the ever increasing property taxes and you are shamed with the “it takes a village” guilt missile to shut you up and ensure the our public sector overlords do not have to face any questions on how you get hosed but they never seem to.

In 2008 during the great recession many folks lost their jobs in the private sector and others while staying employed had to take large pay cuts.  The firm I was with cut all exempt employee’s salaries by 10%.  For some senior VP making $300K a year that doesn’t sound like much but for the vast majority of exempt employees who make $80-$100K, 10% pay cut is a shot.

But it takes a “village” right?  We are all in this together?  The truth is shared “pain” is for you but not for the government class.  Obama’s “stimulus” program spent most money on shoring up declining tax revenues due to all the private sector job other words it was spent to ensure govt workers and contractors did not have to take a pay cut.  Where was the government sector unions taking a pay cut to lower taxes on those neighbors who lost their job and were having a hard time paying their property taxes?  No they got pay increases…the govt class prospered like never before..

Next time I hear it takes a village I can only think of old Ben Franklin describing democracy as two wolves and a lamb deciding on dinner.  In NY State where I live the private sector has been decimated and become beholden to State Govt if it wants to survive.  When you have more folks in the govt class than the private sector you get what we have here..tyranny.

You can have the village..I’ll go into the mountains and live with other free men who help each other out willfully.