In defense of private charity and the end of the govt funded welfare state

Charity, especially Christian Charity is often ridiculed by liberals and govt elites as a method for society to deal with poverty and other cultural illnesses.  Yet unless you enrich yourself by the entire social welfare program (not the folks who get the checks but the ones who run the programs), you must be a idiot if you think govt is the answer.

Private Charity is often run by volunteers and they have skin in the game so to speak.  It isn’t about just doing a job like most govt social welfare providers do but results.  And the results are often integrated with saving souls.  Sure bash Christianity but the drive to help humans to ease their pain and the pain in their souls (the mind and soul are one in Christianity) is the objective for Christian Charities.  Government Social Welfare Programs are about finding more people who need the “aid” as to increase funding and employment for those that run the programs.  There is no “personal” relationship between the hurting human and the one helping in govt programs.  Just sign up for a check and maybe meet with a  “case worker” who doesn’t care and needs to be bullshited to ensure the check keeps coming.

If we truly care about our fellow humans who are hurting economically or spiritually (in most cases economic truly economic suffering is part of a bigger problem..often mental or spiritual) the only solution is private charity. Americans give enormous amounts to charity, stopping govt programs and allowing Americans to keep their money and give to charities that work not only ensures it will be spent with better results but allows market forces to signal charities that work versus those that don’t.  In govt welfare the more the program fails the more we spend on it.